IckyTrack allows you to TRACK and SHARE
information about caring for family members.

We call them "Ickees"--the people who are snotty, coughing, feverish or buried under the blankets.
You can add your own Ickees and share them with other people. That way, a spouse, sibling, grandparent or friend can help you take care of your own Ickees.


You can enter temperature readings from any type of thermometer and record the track of fevers.


Keep track of when you give a dose of medicine so you don't double up or miss doses.


Kid feels a little warm? Found a tick on you? Somebody puked? Track it with a timestamp.

Email charts

You can send the data for an Ickee to any email address so your doctor or other caregiver knows what's up in a lot fo detail.

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